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7. a private place

I had been through the chemo. I had been through the surgery. Next up - radiation. I was terrified. More pain for my body. And because I also have lupus, my medical team was concerned about how my skin would hold up through treatment. I had in a temporary implant - an expander - which might or might not survive the radiation. The expander would be replaced by a permanent implant if my skin held up. After coming in for simulation and to get my tattoos, I found the meditation room in the Weinberg Building at Johns Hopkins Hospital where I would be receiving my treatments for the next six weeks or so. When I saw this box, I felt relief wash over me. If there was anything I needed, it was intensive prayer. I was touched and grateful that this need had been recognized and provided for. I filled out a request card dropped it in the box - prayers for my skin and what was left within.